Is there any possibility of translating some of the Hitsuji de Oyasumi? I can't find translations of the Russia/Belarus/Ukraine, the Switzerland/Liechtenstein, the China/Japan, the Chibitalia or the Sealand/Canada tracks, only vague descriptions of what's happening. rossignolmask

Hello! hmm, have you tried the hetalia livejournal community? They usually are pretty good about providing translations on the official items, so I would be surprised if they DIDN’T have a translation script of the Hitsuji de Oyasumi series.  Let me know!

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Hey guys, RL’s been crazy with cons and then I got sick so I’m just answering some questions in my inbox right now.

I am working through the text translations I owe people, but please note that I will be traveling in general and may be slow.



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There are several angry pixiv artists on twitter and 2ch that complain about people taking their art without permission, edit them, and sometimes put watermarks on them. Even if they get credit, they didn’t ask for permission. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want your art to be edited, because that gives a negative impression towards the original artwork(Or so some illustrators think)

There was one thread on 2ch that started a small movement to have Pixiv’s regulations, making it only accessible to people inside Asia, until the US site was opened.

Though there are very few people who do ask for permission, even if there’s a language barrier, the illustrators will try to communicate back to the person.


Taking their art and posting, as in “Right click, save, upload” has no harm at all, since the regulations of art on Pixiv explains art in a way that is meant to be expressed visually. (Besides, there’s a “Share on twitter, on fc2, etc” button right under the illustrations in all the artwork) and most preferably, it’d be nice if the uploader posts the artist source of the image. Though a big no no is taking the art, editing it in any way, (excluding “Cropping”) and posting them, since that requires specific permission. It’s actually illegal in Japan to do this, and more of a crime to even put water marks. Though these laws don’t apply overseas considering it’s only a minor case within the whole entire political economy of Japan. Japan’s laws on art is much much more complex that regulations within the states or anywhere else in the world, considering how most of the profit comes from Doujin-work, and there are /a lot/ of illustrators in Japan.

The fact is, Japanese illustrators on Pixiv or anywhere else do not like their art to be taken and edited, and put water marks without premission. Even if you asked them, I’m sure they won’t give permission, considering the fact that editing a picture kind of tells the illustrators that “I want to make this art better-looking”(As so they think). I’m sure you wouldn’t want your art to be taken, edited, and posted without permission, with someone standing in the spotlight of the artwork, despite the art has been credited, yet no permission was given.

Pixiv isn’t going to be restricted to overseas, this may be an issue, but there are only a few artists who have the courage to express their anger to the moderators, and the rest just vent and complain on twitter or 2ch.

Updated this submission page. Please see notes and send me your tumblr, otherwise I will not be able to send you a translation.

EDIT: These are people who requested BEFORE I made the announcement of closing this account. Please note that I am NOT taking any more requests. Thanks!

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I’ve been questioning a lot about this tumblr, especially in light of recent pixiv posts and I feel that I will have to close this blog.  I was not aware of such watermarking and editing regulations in Japan, and I also feel that my actions are not quite ethically proper.

I appreciate all of your support and thank you so much for all your love!  I will keep my ask box open so that any artists can contact me directly to take down strips.  At the moment, I will keep all entries I have here and do not plan to delete them (unless someone tells me to).

I also know that many of you have requested translations.  I am planning to send each of you a TEXT translation so that you at least know what’s going on.  Please have your Ask or Submit box open :)

Again, thank you!

Quick Note.

I have found some pixiv artists who do not wish their art to be shared (not only as explained on this post, but also written on some profile pages), so I am going to take down certain entries.  These include the most recent Spamano and the long Roman empire strip as of now.

EDIT (other posts taken down):

  • chibi England with France, Norman era
  • HK and bystander China (tissues)
  • Asia Class
  • Sealand and Latvia
  • chibi!England with Scotland and France
  • Gakuen RussiaxPoland, with Lithuania
  • Gilbert in his diary room with Ludwig

Thanks for your understanding!

Hong Kong tries to comfort Seychelles (requested)

Gakuen Hetalia. England x America (requested)

Unfortunately, could not find the original source :(

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